Remote Risk Review

by Certus Overview

Certus has developed a Remote Risk Review (R3) offering as a supplement to a traditional Risk Management Site Survey. 

This is a value-added and cost-effective service which would be undertaken by an experienced Risk Management Consultant delivering the same standards of quality, service and customer focused benefits that all other Certus Risk Management services provide.

What is

R3 enables clients to adopt a more flexible approach to ‘Survey’.  This is not a single ‘one size type’ approach but enables our clients to select different products that they need and to create a packaged approach which is reflective of their needs / demands.  R3 is also adaptable and can be amended to address changes in circumstances or business requirements at any given time.

We would advise that this is NOT a ‘Survey’; R3 has not been developed to replace ‘Site Surveys’ but has been designed to support clients when the expense of carrying out a full site survey may not be justified, or as a periodic review of existing business where clients would like additional comfort / confidence with updated information, or in support of new business e.g. pre-attachment review.

Clients can select various products including (but not limited to):-

  • Renewal Risk Management Review;
  • New Business Risk Management Review;
  • Focussed Client pre-discussion Questionnaire;
  • Telephone and or Video Conference Consultation;
  • Document Review;
  • Remote Site Video Tour;
  • Risk Mitigation Management and Support;
  • Reinstatement Cost Assessment.
 Typical Process
Why use

Our approach has been designed to add value to our clients and their policyholders / brokers.

  • Completed remotely without the need for a physical site visit.
  • R3’s flexibility enables clients to tailor the service to support multiple needs including an initial remote review of a risk to determine if a full site survey is required.
  • Supports policyholders and Improves customer engagement, this can be further enhanced through follow up site tours, and / or use of our Risk Mitigation Management and Support service.
  • Provides a better understanding of the risk being insured or considered for Insurance and helps drive more accurate pricing for example.
  • Cost effective to enable greater portfolio or trade group Risk Management review understanding.
  • Can be integrated with other Certus services such as Reinstatement Cost Assessment and Risk Mitigation Support and Management.

Certus are certified against ISO 27001 (Information Security) and all necessary GDPR safeguards are in place.

Our established Risk Mitigation Management and Support service can also be utilised to help support Policyholders through their Risk Improvement journey and keep Underwriters appraised of progress and any potential challenges.